Can I Straightly Eat Rice When Break Fasting?

For some people, choosing to break the fast with a sweet and continued with a great meal after Maghrib prayer, became one solution to the stomach to avoid the discomfort after empty all day.

But some other people get used to eating a heavy meal when breaking the fast after eating a little sweet dish.

Rice and side dishes seem to make those who have been fasting all day to forget themselves. As a result, the stomach feels puffy, bloated and various other uncomfortable feelings.

Great eating habits right after breaking this are not good, but if it is already used like that, there is actually a trick to get around so that the stomach does not hurt.

As told by nutritionist Tupperware Indonesia, Mel when found in the launch of Speedy Mando and Fusion Master Mincer in South Quarter, Cilandak, South Jakarta, Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

“Stomach acid when fasting will rise slightly because there is no digested food. If you want to eat rice should drink water first so the stomach is not surprised, if you want (directly eat rice), do not immediately eat a lot, can slowly,” he said.

Everyone has a different tolerance, therefore he does not prohibit too much, just suggest a menu that should be consumed when breaking the fast.

“Open fast should drink first, there is sugar, so the sugar level rises slightly, the stomach can adjust after that eat rice with protein, vegetables, baseball problem. In terms of how to eat also not too fast,” he said.

As for the fruit, should be for those who suffer from ulcer avoid fruit that is too sour, like apples, oranges, and vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage.


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