Make Your Own Noodles At Home From Vegetables Is More Healthy

Eating noodles are not only filling, but also satisfy the mouth and appetite. Eating a bowl of chewy noodles also provides a special sensation of eating for the connoisseur. However, instant noodles or containers that are commonly sold in markets and supermarkets generally contain preservatives which of course is less healthy.

If you love to cook, try to make your own noodles at home. If you do not have a grinding device, you are forced to grind it yourself using a rolling pin. Do not have this molding tool? Roll and cut pieces of dough using a knife. But, if you want to be practical, you can buy noodles machine maker which is now widely available in the market.

To make it different from regular noodles, give natural dyes using vegetable juice, such as carrots or mustard greens. Noodles also become more delicious, healthy and beautiful with bright colors. Here’s the recipe, from situs judi online Cookpad user, Nila Shanif.

Vegetable Noodles


-500 grams of high protein flour

-2 tbsp tapioca flour

-1 tbsp salt

-3 eggs

-100-150 milliliters of vegetable juice, choose vegetables according to taste

-1 tbsp oil

-Water To Your Taste

Note: Bits fruit can be used for natural food dyes too.

How To Make:

  1. Blender 200 grams of carrot/mustard with a little water. Then strain until smooth, set aside.
  2. Mix the flour, salt, and eggs, mix well. Then enter the vegetable juice slowly until blended. The dough should not be too dry or mushy. So the addition of enough water alone.
  3. Cover the container with plastic wrap, let stand 15 minutes.
  4. Roll the dough with the noodle maker to the thickness level according to taste, then sprinkle a bit with sago flour evenly, then print into the shape of noodles.
  5. Sprinkle thin again with tapioca flour, then roll slowly. Store in agen judi online an airtight container that has been coated clean napkins.
  6. Boil water and 1 tbsp oil. Slowly describe the noodles, then boil for about 2 minutes or until done. Lift and drain until cooled before processing into a dish of your choice.

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