Consumption of These 6 Foods Can Make Your Vision Clear Until You Old

If vision is often blurred, you may lack nutritional support. Food has a major influence to improve eye health, especially in supporting the ability to see.

Quoted from situs judi online Step to Health, Thursday (15/3/2018), following six types of foods that improve vision health.

  1. Green Vegetables

If there is a vision problem, you may be consuming less green vegetables. In fact, green vegetables rich in beta-carotene which became the basis for the formation of vitamin A.

Vitamin A produces retinol which can help the formation of the retina and prevent dry eye syndrome. Good green vegetables for vision are celery and lettuce.

  1. Melon

Eye health can be maintained by consuming melons. This yellow fleshy fruit is rich in vitamin A that improves the ability of vision.

  1. Foods Rich In Vitamin C

Not only vitamin A, foods rich in vitamin C is very good to maintain eye health, one orange. This fruit is an antioxidant that can prevent decreased vision ability due to age and free radicals.

  1. Carrots

One type of this vegetable is famous for its properties that can maintain eye health and improve vision ability. This is because carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A. In addition, other carbohydrates contain vitamin C and B1, as well as minerals such as potassium and iodine. Consumption of carrots can maintain the ability of vision even though you enter the judi online age of twilight.

  1. Heart

One of the organs of this animal was also able to maintain eye health. The content of omega-3 fatty acids in beef and chicken liver can maintain eye health and improve your vision ability.


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