Simple Way To Distinguish Fresh And Rotten Eggs

Eggs have long been known to have a number of benefits to the body. Starting from improving the immune system, to nourish the skin and hair.

But what happens if the eggs that want to be cooked and consumed turned out to be rotten? In addition to the unpleasant smell, rotten eggs can also make a stomach ache and poisoning.

Recognizing eggs that are still fresh and not rotten themselves can be spelled out a job that is not easy. But do not worry, here’s how to recognize fresh eggs as quoted from the situs casino online terbaik page Metro.

The first thing to remember is the shell or eggshell is not really solid, aka porous. Over time, water vapor and gases are released through the porous shells that make the air inside the egg larger and the overall mass of the eggs lighter.

So, another way to find out the eggs is rotting is by way of floating them in the water. If the egg sinks to the bottom, that means it is still very fresh. If in the middle between the base and the surface, it is still fresh enough to be consumed but should be served as an omelet or baked. If the eggs are floating on the surface of the water, it is certain that the eggs are rotten. So, do not be consumed.

In addition to the other way, check it by opening it and putting it into the dish to see the yellow and egg whites. The fresh egg will have a bulging egg yolk on the egg white surface.

Egg whites should also be textured clearly, if not fresh will look more watery. Make sure also kiss the egg. If there is a bad odor and even tend to sting, it must be rotten and must be thrown away.


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