Fried Red Lado Grouper, Sexy and Tempting

You’re one of the grouper’s enthusiasts? Well, in West Sumatra, there are many culinary preparations of this grouper fish. Starting from processed curry, spicy and sour, Padang sauce until the oyster sauce is served.

Of the various types of processed grouper, red lado grouper (red chili) is one that is much preferred by people. The taste that is savory and spicy make a fried red lado grouper to be a good side dish to eat as the main menu.

Suasso Restaurant located in situs judi online GOR Haji Agus Salim, Padang, one of which is always serving this red lado grouper dish. The color of the brownish grouper plus the red color of chili, making the appearance of this fish is very tempting.

To make it, prepare the spices as follows, namely garlic, coriander, salt, lime. First clean the fish, then sprinkle with a mixture of spices that have been mashed and with a little water added.

After that, fry the grouper until cooked. Then put into red lado spices which previously also been processed.

For agen judi online red lado ingredients, blend red chili to your taste, onion, salt, and tomatoes. Once smooth, then fry with oil that is not too hot.


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