Make Tom Yam Seafood That The Taste Almost Same With The Restaurant

Tom yam is arguably Thailand’s most famous culinary in the world. Many people who already know the name and taste. That’s because tom yam has never been absent in Thai restaurant menus and even Asian restaurants.

What makes this dish popular in the world community is probably because its taste is refreshing, sour, spicy, salty and savory. Sipping hot gravy tom, especially when the rain, guaranteed to make anyone addicted.

Tom yam is usually served with rice or noodles. Tom yam can also be made using a variety of ingredients because the key to the delicacy lies in the broth. If you’re one of the fans of this dish, try to make it yourself at home. Not too difficult and the result would be like a home-made restaurant.

Do not throw shrimp skin, you can boil it to be a tasty broth.

Here’s the recipe from situs judi online terpercaya Cookpad user, Beautiful Widee.

Tom Yam Seafood


-15 shrimp, separate skin and shrimp head for broth

-1-ounce squid, clean and cut the shape of the ring

-5 pieces of white tofu, diced

-1 enoki mushroom wrap, can be replaced button mushroom

-1 bunch of scallions, cut around the length of the little finger

– Green vegetables such as bok coy or water spinach according to taste

-5 pieces of fish meatballs, cut into pieces

-1 tomatoes, sliced

-2 lemongrass, thinly sliced

-2 lemons, squeeze the water

-Green chili to taste

-1 tbsp fish sauce

-Salt to taste

-Sugar to taste

Seasoning Materials

-5 pieces of big red chili

-4 pieces of red pepper

-5 cloves of garlic

-7 onion grains

-3 candlenuts

Ingredients For Shrimp Broth

-1 ounces of shrimp head and shell

-Chicken bones to taste

-1 stalk lemongrass, crushed

-1 galangal fruit the size of a thumb, crushed

-1 pieces of ginger, crushed

-5 orange leaves

-500 milliliters of water

How to make

  1. Make a shrimp broth by mixing all the broth with water approximately 500 milliliters to boil. Strain the stock, set aside.
  2. Stir the spices with tomato slices until fragrant. Put it into agen judi online the filtered broth. Cook over low heat.
  3. If the sauce felt less, can be added enough water. Give lemon juice, then add whole chili, salt, sugar and fish sauce. Taste test. Make sure the dominant taste is sour and spicy.
  4. Enter consecutive lemon slices, tofu, prawns, squid, fish meatballs, mushrooms, green onions and green vegetables into the sauce. Cook until cooked. Lift.

Serve warm with white rice.


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