Come On, Create Your Own Nian Gao At Home

Nian Gao is identical with Chinese New Year celebration aka Lunar New Year. The word ‘Nian’ itself means’ Year ‘and’ Gao ‘means’ Cake’, and also sounds like the word ‘High. That is why basket cakes are often arranged high or storied. The more upwards the size of the cake, meaning an increase in terms of sustenance or prosperity.

Well, in Imlek this year, try to make your own basket cake at home. Guaranteed not as difficult as you imagine. Here’s the complete recipe from Cookpad user situs judi casino online terpercaya, Irma Alzahra.

Nian Gao


-300 grams of sticky rice flour

-75 gram of flour tan mien

-200 grams of palm sugar or brown sugar (if less sweet can be added)

-500 milliliters of water

-2 tbsp thick coconut milk

-1 tbs ginger water

How To Make

  1. Boil sugar with water until dissolved. Once warm, add coconut milk and ginger, mix well and then strain.
  2. Mix the flour glutinous rice and flour mien tan, make a hole in the middle and pour sugar water. Mix well until not clot.
  3. Pour in the oil-smeared mold, cover with casino online indonesia aluminum foil and steam for 1 hour.
  4. Lift, can be eaten immediately or more delicious wait a few days until hardened, then slice the thin box, dip it into beaten egg and fry using small flame.

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