Apparently Chicken Claws Have High Nutrition Value

Good news for you fans of chicken claws. Although delicious and create a different sensation when you eat it, you may often think that one part of the body of this poultry has no benefit to the body. Apparently, this assumption is wrong.

Chairman of the Research Division Association of Indonesian Nutrition Graduate (ISAGI), Dudung Angkasa, S.Gz M.Gz, revealed, chicken claw has a good nutrition for health. Protein content contained in situs casino online terbaik chicken claws is not less high when compared with other body parts.

“But the consumption should be continuous, and the tendency of people to eat a lot of claws is good, it is good for the body,” Dudung said, Thursday 8 February 2018.

Dudung also explains if you want to meet the protein needs of the body, you can eat chicken claws for two times a day.

“Our bodies need cell growth and regeneration, and chicken plugs can help meet those needs,” Dudung explained.

Head of ISAGI Research Division, Dudung Angkasa, S.Gz., M.Gz., tells the story of a village with malnutrition. This incident occurred around the 1980s, in which one of the villages in the area of West Java suffered malnutrition due to food difficulty.

On the other hand, in different villages with the same difficulties, but the conditions are different. Despite the shortage of food, they can still live with less nutritional status, or better than the previous village. “After review, it turns out that the better nutrition village people eat chicken claws,” said Dudung.

From the casino online indonesia story, Dudung wants to convey that not all malnutrition problems must be met by expecting food aid from outside.

“By utilizing existing local wisdom, it can even maintain or even improve the nutritional status in the long term,” lid Dudung.


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