Be Careful, Drink Hot Tea Can Trigger Risk Of Throat Cancer

Sipping hot tea in the rain caused a sensation when heating the body. However, who would have thought a cup of hot tea that we enjoy it turned out to have the potential to trigger cancer.

A study found that drinking hot tea may increase the risk of throat cancer. Studies conducted by some scientists in China also mentioned that tea is still at 65 degrees Celsius is associated with increased risk of throat cancer.

If you are also a drinker or a heavy smoker, that risk will increase fivefold.

The Chinese scientists say the casino online terpercaya link is biologically plausible because heat injuries caused by hot tea in the larynx block the ability to act as a barrier to the harmful toxins present in alcohol and cigarettes.

Although it sounds horrible, you do not need to worry and do not need to stop the habit of consuming this drink because most people drink tea or coffee with temperatures below 65 degrees Celsius, so minimal cancer potential.

They said, this cancer that affects the throat, most common in the 60s and 70s, with men who are most at risk than women.

The study, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, says, in the early stages, this cancer usually does not cause symptoms when the tumor is still small, but when enlarged, symptoms begin to appear.

Symptoms may include difficulty swallowing, heartburn or long gastrointestinal distress, vomiting shortly after meals, loss of appetite and weight loss, or pain in the upper abdomen, chest, or back.

Other risk factors that also need to watch out for are the heartburn that never goes away, smoking, excessive alcohol drinking in the long term, excessive weight or obesity, and unhealthy eating patterns low in vegetables and fruits.

“Tea is one of the most common beverages in the world, usually consumed in high temperatures,” said Dr. Jun Lv of Peking University Health Science Center as quoted by situs casino online terbaik page Daily Mail.

Previous studies have shown that chronic burns in the esophageal mucosa may induce carcinogenesis.

Lv added, the International Agency for Research on Cancer recently also classified the intake of hot beverages above 65 degrees Celsius as a carcinogenic in humans.

These findings are based on 456,155 Chinese men and women aged 30-79 years, they continue to be followed for a median of 9.2 years.


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