Consumption Of Water Spinach Is Dangerous, Really?

Water spinach, who does not like it. Vegetables are often used as a dish of stir-fry and fried has a tasty taste even if only a mediocre side dish.

Water spinach plants usually live in muddy areas such as swamps, moats, and riverside. Water spinach has many benefits one of which is rich in fiber that is useful for maintaining bile acids and prevent cholesterol.

Not only rich in fiber, kale also contains iron and minerals are good for our bodies, so for people with anemia is highly recommended. In addition, kale also contains high beta-carotene which serves as an antioxidant substance that ward off free radicals such as heart disease, cancer, and lung disease.

But behind the benefits are quite a lot, recently bustling talked about that water spinach including vegetables are prohibited in the US.

According to the Federal Noxious Weed List USDA, kale is grouped as a toxic vegetable list since December 2010 ago because it is considered as a vegetable containing dangerous weeds and some who think that in water spinach there are worms that can cause indigestion. Is that right?

In addition to research that mentions it, kale is also known as a food that can make the body become weak and sleepy.

Speaking of ‘sleepy and weak’, have you ever felt sleepy and limp out of hand, even when you felt you had enough rest.

In general, most cases of fatigue are caused by three things: lifestyle factors, psychological problems or medical conditions.

However, fatigue can also be a sign of symptoms of a disease. Fatigue is not the same as drowsiness, though generally tired is often accompanied by a desire to sleep and lack of motivation to perform activities.

However, what if your tired condition is accompanied by heart palpitations?

There are several different conditions for the body that cause excessive fatigue and heart beat faster, such as excessive caffeine consumption habits, smoking and may be a sign of your lack of water because your body will not be able to maintain the appropriate electrolyte balance that makes the heart work become incompatible with body activity.

Other fatigue symptoms can occur because of changes in sugar levels in the body.


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