Apparently, Mint Candies Make Breath Become More Odor

According to one study, one in five consume mint regularly to refresh their breath. But this habit actually makes their breathing worse.

A dentist reveals that sugar not only makes teeth rot but also causes odor.

“Mint is known as a way of exhaling a stinky breath, but oral bacteria convert to sugar in mint to an acid that damages teeth and causes bad breath.The best way is to use something like sugar-free gum,” said dentist James Buchanan as quoted by situs casino online terbaik Daily Mail.

Buchanan also recommends that you eat yogurt and fruit at breakfast to clean your mouth and refresh your breath. Celery and apples can also help by increasing saliva and clear the odor-causing particles.

The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene, although there are other causes such as food and drink, smoking and certain medications, and medical conditions.

“Although food particles trapped between teeth can contribute to bad breath, a common cause is a plaque that accumulates in the teeth,” Buchanan continued.

This damage can cause tooth decay resulting in bad breath. Brittle teeth can arise when the acid is produced from the plaque that accumulates in the teeth.

When we eat foods and drinks high in carbohydrates, especially sweet foods, and drinks, bacteria in plaque convert carbohydrates into the energy they need and produce acid at the same time.

If plaque is allowed to accumulate, the acid can break down the tooth surface, causing tooth loss. Toothpicks will eat the second layer of the tooth under the enamel, the dentin.

Buchanan suggests casino online indonesia, use a fluffy toothbrush because a hard brush tends to damage the enamel.


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