Why Skin Can Wrink When Soaking Too Long In Water?

When it’s long in the shower or swimming, have you ever noticed the skin of a finger suddenly wrinkled? If you think it’s a sign of aging, it’s wrong. Scientists have the answer.

As quoted from situs casino online terbaik Scientific American, Saturday 6 January 2018, results of laboratory tests show, the fingers are wrinkled because it is long exposure to water signify the hands or feet ready to hold on to the wet objects.

In the case of wrinkled hands due to this bath, researchers have been known since the 1930s. They found no nerve damage to the fingers.

“This change occurs as a reaction of the autonomic nervous system – a system that also controls breathing, heartbeat and sweat,” they explained

Anatomically, the wrinkles that occur are caused by blood vessels that narrow beneath the skin.

In 2011, evolutionary neurobiologists at the 2AI Laboratory in Boise, Idaho, Mark Changizi, and colleagues, suggested that wrinkling in the hands is an active process that should have an evolutionary function. But until now, there is no evidence that finger wrinkles offer an advantage.

In a recent study casino online indonesia, participants took wet or dry objects including marbles of different sizes. After that, the participants were asked to put their hands in warm water for 30 minutes.

“Subjects are quicker to pick up wet marbles with wrinkled fingers than dry ones,” wrote a report published in Biology Letters.

“We have found, wrinkled fingers provide better grip in wet conditions,” says an evolutionary biologist at Newcastle University, UK, Tom Smulders and coauthor.

According to Smulders, wrinkled fingers help our ancestors collect food from wet streams. So even on a wet foot can provide a better footing.


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