Fresh Pudding And Smoothies Mango That Will Make You Fresh

When the holidays are just at home spent time relaxing, incomplete taste if there is no snack. Moreover, when the child was enjoying a long school vacation.

When the weather is hot like now, mom may be a little creative in the kitchen. Making puddings and fresh smoothies from the basic ingredients of mango may be an option, to be enjoyed while relaxing with family.

Chef Ucu Sawitri provides secret recipes for situs casino online terbaik making puddings and fresh smoothies made from mango.

“For mango pudding, 350 grams of mango puree, 500 ml of UHT milk, 50 grams of sugar, a little water of 100 ml, the same powder gelatin,” he said.

All ingredients cooked to boil. Then prepare the mango mold, after boiling, the dough is poured in the mold. “After (a little) a little frozen add a piece of mango.”

For the smoothies, can be prepared 500 ml UHT milk, vanilla ice cream, mango puree 250 grams.

“If you want more casino online terpercaya sweet can add syrup according to taste if you want to add lemon juice,” he said.


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