Not Only Make Your Brain Smarter, Here’s Another Benefit Of Eating Fish

Fish lovers, be happy. A study found, eating fish at least once a week to sleep more soundly and have better IQ. As a result, researchers recommend that children eat fish,

A study at the University of Pennsylvania found an average IQ level four points higher in people who ate fish compared with those who rarely ate fish or none at all. The study is published in the situs judi casino online terpercaya journal Scientific Reports.

Lead author Jianghong Liu said they saw Omega-3s coming from food and not from supplements. Omega-3 also reduces anti-social behavior and it’s no wonder there are fish behind it.

In the study, the team analyzed 541 children aged 9 to 11 in China. Approximately 54 percent of boys and 46 percent of girls completed questionnaires about how often they consumed fish in a month, with options ranging from “never” to “at least once per week.”

These children also perform IQ tests, which test verbally and nonverbally, such as vocabulary and coding. Then, parents answer questions about sleep quality by using the Standard Sleep Sleep Question Questioner.

The results casino online terpercaya showed that children who reported eating weekly fish scored 4.8 points higher on the IQ exam than those who said “rarely” or “never” consumed fish. Children who sometimes eat fish score 3.3 points higher as reported by Thehealthsite.


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