Sleeping on an Airplane Can Damage Your Hearing, Really?

Research published by Harvard Medical School reveals that the condition when humans actually fall asleep means that the person loses hearing. Then what about the person sleeping on the plane?

Quoted from the texas holdem poker online page Independent, Friday 29 September 2017, when someone sleeps on the plane, altitude changes can make the ability to equalize the pressure in the eardrum is interrupted. Not only that, the effect can also cause permanent hearing damage.

This occurs when the pressure on the outside of the ear does not match the pressure inside the ear. Often this happens to most people when the plane lands and drops from the height.

Usually, this pressure can be likened to opening an object in your ear called the Eustachian tube. You can yawn or swallow. This is the reason why air hostesses sometimes give out chewy candies before landing.

But if you fall asleep and the pressure is incomparable, Eustachius tubes can get clogged and the ears may be disturbed, such as experiencing barotrauma, according to Medline Plus.

Barotrauma is a tissue damage and its sequel that occurs due to differences in air pressure in the air ear cavity with the pressure around it.

Barotrauma cases are rare, but in severe cases, if the tube remains blocked for a long time, an infection can occur. This can cause fluid to accumulate behind the eardrum. This is what causes pain and difficulty hearing. In fact, this can cause a deep fistula leak, namely the discharge of blood from the ear.

The best way to avoid poker online for real money this happening is to make sure you are not sleeping on the plane, even if you are tired or jetlagged.


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