Secret Tips Makes Bread Expanding and Soft

Making bread is a bother easy. Recipe book does look easy to follow, but if one step result will be disastrous. The result becomes hard or damp for example.

To avoid that, Corporate Pastry Chef Bakerzin, Yusuf Robani, gives you a few tips for making your own bread at texas holdem poker online home. These tips he said to depart from his experience during a pastry chef.

According to him, when making bread, do not put butter and salt together with other dough materials. Both of these materials are mixed in the last moments of kneading.

“The bread is synonymous with the developer, so the bread is not hard, we love the salt and the last butter because salt can disrupt the yeast (yeast) is growing,” he said when met at texas holdem poker free game Bakerzin Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday, August 10, 2017.

If mixed together, the yeast function as a dough developer does not work optimally. The result will be hard or hard bread.

“If it’s three-quarters time, just enter the butter and salt, so as not to interfere with the yeast that is growing. Because if the yeast is already sleeping, dead because of the salt, the bread will not expand at all aliases sodden,” he said.


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