Revealed, The Secret of Super Crispy Fries

French fries are best enjoyed as a side dish, or just a snack while watching your favorite movie. In addition to buying french fries so, at fast food restaurants, you can also buy frozen potatoes sold in supermarkets, then fry them yourself at home.

However, sometimes not all the above potatoes presented with maximum delicacy. Could be less crisp, or too soft.

Then, how to get around the crunchy fries on the outside, but soft inside? Here are the steps you can follow, as reported from the poker online for real money Daily Meal page, Friday 14 July 2017.

Super Crispy Fries


– 5 large potatoes (do not throw away the skin, just rubbed for clean)

– Salt to taste

– Vegetable oil to taste

How to make

– Cut the potatoes in about a centimeter thick, then soak them in a container of cold water. Let stand for 30 minutes. This will help to reduce the starch that sticks to the potatoes, resulting in a softer and more crispy potato.

– Move potatoes into a pan of water and boil until the potatoes are soft when held. However, do not let the potatoes become too ripe.

– Strain the potatoes from the cooking water, place them in containers that have been given a duster, or tissue to absorb the remaining water.

– Leave the potatoes in the refrigerator, inside the container without closing for 30 minutes.

– Pour the oil in a cauldron, or frying pan up to about five centimeters, or enough to make potatoes scalded in cooking oil. Heat.

– Fried potatoes little by little. Fry until the edges of the potatoes are browned. This can take up to eight minutes. Lift and drain.

– When all the potatoes have been fried once, reheat oil to make a potato a second time.

– Fry the potatoes until golden. Again, do not directly fry all the potatoes. Start little by little.

– Lift, drain, serve with a texas holdem poker online sprinkling of salt on top.


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