Before Eating Half-Cooked Eggs, Pay Attention To This Rule

Most people really enjoy eating cooked eggs. However, there are also people who prefer half-cooked eggs. Is it dangerous to eat a half-cooked egg?

Half-cooked eggs sometimes make people anxious about salmonella bacteria that can be contaminated with eggs. If a person eats eggs contaminated with texas holdem poker online salmonella, then the risk of food poisoning.

For that, there are rules that need to be observed before eating half-cooked eggs. Prof. Dr. Ir. Rindit Pembayun, M.S, a food expert from Sriwijaya University, said there are two main keys that must be met, namely hygiene and sanitation.

Hygiene focuses on egg hygiene, while sanitation involves keeping eggs well. Eggs placed in a clean place will be spared from contamination of salmonella bacteria.

“Half cooked eggs are healthy and safe to eat,” said Prof. Rindit when contacted by texas holdem poker free game on Friday14 July 2017.


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