How to Cook Healthy Broccoli Not By Boiled

Many people cook broccoli with boiled. However, this method is less precise because entering broccoli into boiled water until cooked can make a lot of nutrients in this green vegetable is lost.

In a study published in the texas holdem poker online Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2011 mentions the negative impact when broccoli is boiled. This cooking technique makes antioxidant content in it so lost especially when boiled in a long time.

“Boiling broccoli for a few minutes makes the antioxidant content that prevents cancer disappears,” the study said.

The best way to process broccoli is by steaming. How to cook this does not make the nutrients in it lost. In contrast to boiling broccoli that makes antioxidants, vitamins B and C wasted in vain.

In addition poker online for real money it can also eat broccoli in fresh form as fresh vegetables or mixed vegetables and other fruits as a salad. Fresh broccoli can also be used as a juice with a single ingredient or a combination of other ingredients.


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