Use Butter Is A Healthy Way To Cook Fish

To get the softness of fish meat, you need to pay attention to how to cook properly and certainly healthy. Although many people choose to cook the fish by frying, it does not guarantee the nutrition and nutrition of real fish.

So, what kind of good and healthy way to cook fish?

Quoted from page texas holdem poker online Dish All Recipes, Tuesday 04 July 2017 three ways to cook this fish can be a good guide to get a delicious fish and healthy. Good luck!

  1. Baked With Butter

Fish meat has a soft texture, so they are more mature than other animal meat. The use of butter while baking fish can keep the fish meat softness to the inside.

Do not forget also to raise the fire when baking or sautéing with butter.

Butter containing vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and selenium will add good nutrition to the body.

  1. Burned

To get the meat cooked and tender fish by burning, you should pay attention to the thickness. If the pieces of fish are not too thick you can get the meat cooked fish, even by burning it on one side only.

  1. Steamed

Steaming judi online is the best method of cooking fish to get super soft fish meat. To get a taste that is not tasteless and fishy, you need to smear fish with some spices such as ginger, garlic, and cayenne.


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