Do Not Re-Heated The Leftover Rice

Re-heated fried rice or processed rice leftover dinner is still a lot of people do. But apparently, the habit is not good for the health of the body. This is posted on the official page of National Health Service (NHS), UK.

One of the effects of consuming this re-heated rice is poisoning. Not because of the heating process, but how the rice is stored after cooking until reheated.

Reported by the texas holdem poker online Delish page, Tuesday, July 4, 2017, uncooked rice usually contains bacterial spores Bacillus Cereus, one of the bacteria that cause food poisoning. These bacteria will be more enduring when the rice is being cooked.

The longer cooked rice is allowed to settle at room temperature, the greater the likelihood of the bacteria developing and making the rice unsafe for consumption. That is, it is important for you to save the rice in the right way if you want to consume it again.

One way to avoid food-poisoning from the rice, serve rice to taste and do not leave too long at room temperature. Immediately cool the remaining rice, do not let the rice exposed to room temperature over an hour.

You can store the rice in the judi online refrigerator, but not more than one day, then warm it back. And remember, make sure the rice is re-heated with high temperature and avoid heating rice more than once.


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