Direct Bathing When Sweating, May or Not?

After the activity under the hot sun that makes the body sweat, naturally if you want to immediately flushed the body with water. Unfortunately, direct bathing in a sweaty condition can cause skin problems.

Quoted from texas holdem poker online Goody Feed, Sunday 02 July 2017, take a bath when sweating will make the body startled. When the body sweats, all the skin pores are open. When sweat is directly washed water, can cause dryness of the skin and even white patches on the body.

Dr. Melyawati Hermawan, Sp.KK explains white patches that appear is one form of skin disease caused by fungus Pityriasis Versicolor. Usually better known as panu.

This problem is often found in people of childbearing age, ie adolescents, and young adults. This fungus is very fond of oil on the surface of the skin. Especially those living in hot and humid climates. This fungus is very fond of oil on the surface of the skin.

“Therefore, if the skin often sweats and is left damp, the fungus will flourish and cause skin disorders,” Mely explains.

Then can bath while sweating?

“The consideration is to adjust with comfort, time, and skin type. If you feel comfortable after bathing, have more time, and skin tends to oily, please do,” said Mely quoted from situs judi online terpercaya


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