Tricks Make Home Fried Chicken Like A Starred Restaurant

One of the most iconic and delicious dishes, which can be found in almost all over the world is fried chicken. This food is very popular, and families all over the country have their own variations to make an appetizing fried chicken.

If aspiring to make a version of its own fried chicken, the world’s top chef from Michelin’s restaurant, Gordon Ramsay has a trick to help you create a home-cooked fried chicken dish of a starred restaurant.

In a recent footage of live streamed Foodbeast from texas holdem poker online The F Word episode, Ramsay revealed an important trick to making fried chicken with a smooth and appetizing appearance.

“The secret of a great fried chicken is when you separate the bone with meat, then you can use a fork to press the thighs and wings,” Ramsay said as quoted by Foodbeast on Saturday 1 July 2017.

Then, he suggested, to soak chicken meat into judi online buttermilk two days earlier. If you soak it in buttermilk then the chicken meat will be more tender and savory when cooked.


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