The Origin of Avocado Name It May Make You Uncomfortable

There are many reasons to make avocados one of our food. This fruit contains fat that is good for health and tastes good for those who like it. But you might be a bit amused if you know the origin of the name of this fruit.

Avocado comes from texas holdem poker online Mexico and Central America and is usually eaten by Nahua’s indigenous people. In the past, the Nahua people called the avocado with the name ahuacatl, which could also mean testicles.

The researchers suspect the Nahua people call it so because of the shape that resembles a male body part, as well as its function as an aphrodisiac or sexual arousal enhancer. According to Nahua language researcher Magnus Pharao Hansen, PhD, the word ahuacatl itself is used in slang form, as Americans use the word “nuts”.

When the Spaniards came, they called the fruit with aguacate. When the fruit was finally known in other areas, its name began to change slightly. Americans who struggle to pronounce it then sell it with the name “avagato pear” and “alligator pear”, until finally called avocado.

In judi online Europe, the first person to introduce this fruit was Martin Fernandez de Enciso, a member of the Spanish army. Since then the avocado fruit became known by many of the world’s population. In Indonesia itself, this fruit was introduced by the Dutch people in the 19th century and known by the name of alpukat or apokat.



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