Get Used To Drinking Water Before Consumption Tea and Coffee , Why?

It is estimated that there are 70 percent of the world’s adults who consume beverages such as tea and coffee every day. In fact, the habit of drinking tea and coffee in the morning it seems to have become a common practice for the people of Indonesia.

However, you know, even though tea and coffee have health benefits, a new study reveals that before drinking both, you are advised to drink water first. The reason?

As reported by togel online terpercaya Boldsky, Thursday 29 June 2017, tea and coffee contain caffeine compounds that can make you more active. However, excessive consumption can increase anxiety and adverse health effects, such as sleeplessness and heart palpitations for some people.

Experts say drinking a glass of water before eating caffeinated beverages can help dilute concentrated caffeine content and minimize the harmful effects.

“In addition, coffee has a pH level of 5 and tea with a pH level of 6 – which means having acid levels that can disrupt the stomach,” the researchers said togel singapura.

Researchers also reported, consuming drinks with high pH levels can trigger heartburn, damage to the abdominal wall, colon cancer, and so on. And, drinking water can minimize acid activity in the stomach so you are more safe to consume tea and coffee.


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