3 Drinks to Avoid When The Weather Is Hot

Drinking a glass of water is able to refresh your thirst in the hot sun. Some people choose cool sweet drinks to make your thirst disappear. Though not all drinks can make the body hydrated.

Here are three drinks that should be avoided when you’re thirsty on a hot day as quoted from texas holdem poker online Prevention page, Tuesday 27 June 2017.

  1. Soda

Taking a cold soda during the day was refreshing. But eating these drinks can actually cause dehydration.

Recent research from the American Physiological Society finds consumption of sodas can actually worsen dehydration and cause kidney problems compared to regular drinks.

Although the research was conducted on mice, researchers feel that this can be a serious problem for people who love to drink soda when thirsty. If you crave a sweet drink on a hot day you should just add fresh fruit in your regular drink.

  1. Tea

“For those who like to consume caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee it can really affect your fluid intake,” said Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokeswoman Heather Mangieri.

But for those who rarely consume caffeinated beverages when drinking coffee or tea when thirsty will have a big impact, especially when on a hot day, said Mangieri.

Mangieri suggested if any indeed want to consume tea or coffee is good accompanied by judi online drinking water.

  1. Alcohol

“Consumption of alcohol will contribute greatly to increasing the amount of fluid secreted during urination, this can lead to dehydration,” said Mangieri.

If you really want to drink alcohol it’s good followed by drinking water.



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