Gain Flat Stomach Without Sport and Diet

Which woman does not want to have a flat stomach without diet and exercise? Although it sounds impossible, there is a special way that can be done every day to get a flat stomach. Like what about?

Kim Lyons, the coach of The Biggest Loser, says to get good posture, you automatically have to pull and tighten the stomach. With what?

“You can get used to sitting upright and pulling or tightening your stomach Do it every day and do it as you stand upright,” Lyons says.

Quoted from bandar togel terpecaya Good Housekeeping, Thursday (22/06/2017), here are some things you need to do every day to get a flat stomach without diet and exercise.

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Avoid soft drinks or flavored drinks and replace all your drinks with water. According to Lyon, drinking six to eight glasses a day can also cleanse the intestines and facilitate the digestive system so that the stomach is not easy to swell.

  1. Snacking On Almonds

Research has linked almonds can help shrink waist circumference. Because this type of nut is rich in monounsaturated+d fats that can make the body more full and fat will not accumulate in the stomach.

  1. Do Not Avoid Breakfast

Breakfast can determine how much your lunch will be later. If you skip togel online terpercaya breakfast, your body will automatically need more energy – as a result, you eat too much at lunch – and cause the stomach to swell easily.

  1. Avoid Chewing Gum

Researchers from the American College of Gastroenterology said to get a flat stomach, all women should avoid chewing gum. Why? Because when chewing gum, you do not realize enter or swallow the air that makes the stomach easily expand.

If you want to refresh your mouth, it’s best to swallow the mint candy. Good luck!


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