Is Not Difficult to Make Milkshake Like At The Restaurant

Milkshake Vanilla is one of the most popular beverages. The making was fairly simple and only consists of two main compositions of vanilla ice cream and milk.

If you want to make a delicious milkshake, then you should use high-quality texas holdem poker online materials. Also use ice cream with low artificial sweetener content or nil, as much as possible using natural ingredients.

To provide a creamy flavor should use full-fat milk. This type of milk is usually richer taste than low-fat milk or low-fat.

Quoted from the Daily Meal page, the composition of the material can be adjusted to their individual tastes. Increase milk if you do not want milkshake too thick. Conversely, reduce the milk if you want more viscous results.

Milkshake is also suitable to drink when breaking the fast. The following materials and how to manufacture.

Milkshake Vanilla


-340 grams vanilla ice cream

-255 grams of full-fat milk

How to make

  1. Insert the two ingredients into the blender.
  2. Start blender on low speed and speed up slowly.
  3. Do not blend too long, unless you want to get a soft and creamy milkshake.
  4. Pour in a judi online glass, serve. Can be given a variety of toppings, ranging from whipped cream to fresh fruits.

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