This Is A Reason Why Men Should Not Pee While Standing

Some of you may think, a man should pee while standing. In fact, this is contrary to a study conducted in the Netherlands.

As reported by judi online Telegraph, Saturday (17/06/2017), researchers from Leiden University Medical Center Netherlands found, sitting while urinating to help men reduce symptoms of Lower Urinary Tract disease symptoms (Lower Urinary Tract disease symptoms).

“Urinating while sitting and even preventing prostate problems,” write the researchers.

However, researchers do not blame the man who urinated while standing. Because this way seems to activate the muscles in the pelvis and spine so as to avoid excessive farting.

However, this study proved quite influential to governments in countries such as Sweden, Taiwan, and Japan. They encourage men to pee while sitting. The Taiwan Health Service even officially forbids men standing in the toilet on disgusting grounds.

This step is also done by director Phil Robinson. He gladly acknowledges that he is like a woman while in the toilet. So even with actor texas holdem poker online Ryan Gosling, according to a manager, he also preferred to pee while sitting.


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