Should Keep Eggs in Fridge or Room Temperature?

Eggs are one source of good protein for the body. Even children are advised to eat eggs at breakfast to improve their intelligence.

But when we will store the eggs, should be put into the refrigerator or left in the storage cupboard with room temperature huh?

Communities in Scandinavian countries, the United States, Australia, and Japan store eggs in the refrigerator by first cleaning them to keep them safe from bacteria. While in other countries, eggs are stored at room temperature.

The US Department of Agriculture advised washing ayam petarung eggs with a special machine in 1970. The egg process is doubtful from other countries because the previous washing process has been shown to fail to keep the eggs free from contamination.

Launched Mashed page, Saturday (17/06/2017), in countries where people do not wash or even store eggs in the refrigerator, believe the egg has a natural layer that protects it from bacteria. In addition, most chickens have been vaccinated before laying eggs.

Usually, countries that recommend egg washing and storing it in the refrigerator do not vaccinate chicken before laying eggs.

Although there are two beliefs about how to keep a good adu ayam egg, everyone agrees that removing the egg from the refrigerator, taking it to room temperature and then putting it back into the refrigerator will only make it damp and foul.


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