Six Ways to Utilize Used Pasta Stew Water

When cooking pasta, you will immediately remove the boiled water after the pasta is cooked. Do not do that again. Because the decoction of air paste can be used for various needs.

Here are six ways to take advantage of the air of pasta stew as quoted from The Sun, Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

  • Watering Plants And Flowers

Pasta boiling air contains flour rich in minerals and vitamins. This content can help plants and flowers grow. However, make sure you use salted air and pre-cool the cooking air before use for watering.

  • Make Pesto Sauce

Pasta can not be separated from the sauce and you can use the rest of boiled water to make pesto sauce. Make sure the water remains warm and can be a binder agent of ingredients.

  • Make Pizza Or Bread Dough

Because pasta cooking water will absorb flavor and flour, this water will give a unique taste to your pizza or bread dough. So also when making broth or soup. This cooking water can also be used to boil vegetables.

  • Wash The Dishes

Maybe you think washing kitchen furniture with pasta stew water will make your stuff greasy. But on the contrary, this water containing the flour will reduce the oil and act as cleaning agent. All you need to do is to soak the plate first in the water of this stew.

  • Soak Legs That Stiff

If you feel a sore leg after gathering or walking, soaking in the air pasta stew can be a good treatment. Warm back the remaining cooking water with a comfortable temperature for you, then soak the foot. Heat combined with minerals in it will help the pain and pain.

  • Substitute Shampoo

If your hair loses its luster and looks limp, the solution is to soak it with pasta cooking water for 10 minutes. After that, clean it with shampoo as usual and you can come back again the bright shine of your hair.


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