Shallot Powerful For Kill Cancer Cells

A recent study revealed that shallot has a greater benefit in fighting the growth of cancer cells than garlic.

This fact was revealed when Canadian researchers dripped onion extract from five different variants into cancer cells, in this case, human colorectal cancer. Once analyzed, shallot extracts kill three to five times more cancer cells than other types of onions as one researcher Suresh Neethirajan said.

“Shallot varieties proved to be very good at killing cancer cells,” said bionanotechnology expert from the University of Guelph Canada quoted Time, Tuesday (13/06/2017).

Shallot is not only high in active compounds of quercetin but also rich in anthocyanins. This is the pigment in plants that can destroy free radicals that trigger cancer, diabetes, and inflammation in the body.

Anthocyanins are also commonly found in richly colored fruits and vegetables. Nutrition experts also have long suggested that we choose fruits and vegetables rich in color.

Related to this study authors do not be surprised if shallot has greater strength against cancer than garlic.

The onions used in this study are specifically selected from Ontario, Canada. Onions from this area are shown to have flavanoid compounds with higher quercetin active substances worldwide. Researchers can not confirm these findings can be applied in other countries, but chances are yes.

Efficacy of shallot are stronger than garlic in fighting cancer this is the first development. Further study is needed to know this.


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