Do Not Drink Bubble Drink Frequently

Tea or beverage with bubble black jelly balls or often called bubble or boba has long been popular around the world. In Indonesia, you can even find these drinks easily anywhere, both locally and internationally.

Not a few who are addicted to sipping tea and chewing his bubble. Whereas excessive consumption of this drink is not good for health and the bad effect is the same as eating candy.

According to the Next Shark page, the Asian and Pacific Obesity Prevention Alliance (APIOPA) says that excessive consumption of bubble drinks can lead to the risk of obesity and diabetes because its sugar content is equivalent to soft drinks.

Also mentioned that 28 grams of beverage bubble contain about 90 grams of sugar, 7 grams of fat and 490 calories. Some bubble tea drinks with sweetened flavored variants which mean having a higher sugar content than regular bubble tea.

“You certainly do not want that much sugar in your body every day, it gives a wide impact on health,” said Scott Chan, APIOPA program manager.

Not only that, jelly or bubble balls are also not contained nutrients for the body. Basically, this bubble contains only carbohydrates, not rich in vitamins and not fibrous.

If you still want to consume bubble tea, perhaps you can order a smaller size with a reduction in sugar levels in it.


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