Note, The Right Eating Schedule To Lose Weight

You are struggling to lose weight do not burden pay attention to large portions of food and food eaten. You also need to set up the right schedule to eat.

Quoted from Women’s Health Magazine, Monday (6/12/2017), the accuracy of the meal schedule can affect food time. The vitamins and proteins contained in the diet can be well absorbed.

  • Breakfast

Studies in the journal Obesity 2015 found a high protein breakfast between 6 am and 09:45 am a chance of decreasing body fat with those who eat at 10 am. Weight may fall.

“I’m always healthy, Healthy breakfast is an hour after waking up,” said Jim White, spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

  • Snacking after breakfast

You can eat snack alias snack between 2-4 hours after breakfast. This is because the body takes a time to digest and absorb food at breakfast.

Snacks can sustain energy and eliminate. Choose a healthy snack like almonds.

  • Lunch

The 2016 study at The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition was followed by about 1,300 people on a 28-week diet found, people who had lunch before 3 pm were judged to be successful in losing weight.

This finding is similar to previous research in the International Journal of Obesity. In the study, people who diet managed to lose weight up to 25 percent.

  • Snacking in the afternoon

You can snack in the afternoon between 2-4 hours after lunch. Any snack should be healthy in the form of fruit and vegetable intake.

A study by Illinois University in Chicago on obese women found snacking on fruits and vegetables in the afternoon could lose weight.

  • Dinner

The study found that people who ate dinner at 6 pm and stopped eating at 7 pm managed to lose weight. They can sleep soundly.


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