Nail Fungus Occurs because 3 Habits That Have Been Considered Good

Nail fungus that can be turned into an infection not only occur due to less maintain only nail hygiene. Rather, the heredity of the family.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, nail fungus is most common in men in the 60s and family history also supports this condition in each individual. Also quoted from Everyday Health, Friday (9/6/2017) following other causes of nail fungus.

  1. Use Boots

These heavy, strong, sturdy boots are poorly ventilated so the mushrooms will be happy to be there. Plus, if you do not often clean shoes and leave your feet dry or damp, nail fungus will grow and develop quickly.

  1. Nail Dye

Nail polish or nail color can make your toes look beautiful, but they can also cause nail fungus. Nail polish that is too thick tends to block the nails to breathe and can make the growth of fungi more conducive.

Should not ignore the cleanliness of the nails and avoid using nail polish for too long.

  1. Shoes Covered

The use of socks that are too tight, stockings, plus closed shoes will prevent air from entering into the foot. This will cause the fungus to grow rapidly in there.

Cary Zinkin, DPM, a podiatrist in Deerfield Beach, Florida, advises using footwear that offers plenty of legroom and breathing nails. With this fungus nails will stay away.


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