In Order For Children Grow High, Consumption Of One Egg a Day

One sign of the nutritional adequacy of children is not easy to get sick, the posture is not short and grows optimally. To meet the nutritional needs of children, consumption consumes one egg every day.

Egg consumption, whether boiled, fried, or scrambled for an omelet, nutrients in eggs is needed for the growth of children. For children, eggs are obliged to eat first before consumption.

In a study in Ecuador for 6 months, children were given eggs every day, the condition of a short body (stunting) can be prevented.

Stunting or short is the result of chronic nutritional problems caused by long-term malnutrition. Stunting children will have lower intelligence levels. They are also susceptible to diseases as adults.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 155 million children under five have stunting. Children living in this area.

In Indonesia alone, stunting is still a major health problem. Nearly 9 million children under five have stunting. Unfortunately, there are still many children who experience stunting is a hereditary factor.

Nutrition of Eggs

In research in Ecuador, most children are given eggs every day, treatise lower risk. Children’s health is monitored and compared with children who are not given eggs every day.

160 children aged 6-9 months were included in the study.

The research team each week houses children who are doing this research to make sure they are indeed given eggs. In addition, there are also checks there are side effects of the eggs, such as egg allergies.

“We are very surprised by this operation.The giving of eggs could be a cheap way to prevent stunting,” said Lora Lannotti who conducted the study.

Eggs contain a good combination of nutrients for child growth. The first two years of age is a crucial period for child growth. If at this age the child is malnourished, the impact will be felt until adulthood.

Adequacy of good nutrition begins with breastfeeding for the first 6 months. After that, the child begins to get complementary feeding milk that is required to meet the nutritional needs of children.

Although eggs contain nutrients and cheap, children also need to get food. Not only that he gets the necessary vitamins and minerals, but also for the children to know the different types of food flavors and textures.


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