Drinking Milk 3 Glasses Every Day Does Not Make Fat

Fat contained in a glass of milk does not necessarily cause the body so fat. Drinking three glasses of milk a day actually prevents us from obesity.

The nutritionist who is also a lecturer in nutrition department of Health Polytechnic of Ministry of Health II, Dr. Mardut MPS, called the assumption of milk can make fat as myth.

This statement is based on results from a study involving more than 40 thousand respondents. Each was given three glasses of pure milk every day, and there was also given only one glass.

The result, those who drank three glasses of milk had decreased risk of obesity by 38 percent.

“Not milk that makes fat, but other foods such as fried foods or sweet foods that we consume excessively,” he said in a discussion of Benefits of Milk for Development of Optimal Stage of Life, Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

Frying on the process of making using oil that has been used many times. At the time of frying also uses a very hot fire. Thus, he said, the fried foods we eat excessively have carcinogenic properties.

In contrast to milk that although fat, but contains many nutrients needed by the body. The fat is not a bad fat.

According to Marudut, as long as we balance it with a balanced diet, drinking milk two to three drinks a day is guaranteed not to make fat.

It should also be remembered that milk is not a substitute food but to supplement the nutrients we get from daily meals.


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