Tips for Making Anti-Failing Cakes

Making a cake is a bother easy. One bit mistakes could be so you have to repeat the whole step of making from scratch.

The simplest thing you need to look at when making a cake is when mixing dry and wet ingredients. This is trivial, but it gives a big impact on the results of your cake later.

According to Nugraha Ali Gunawan, chief from Anchor Food Professionals, the mixing process of dry and wet materials should be done separately. For example, eggs and sugar are shaken first before mixing with dry ingredients.

“If you make a cake, eggs and sugar are shaken together first, dry ingredients are all mixed together,” said the man who is familiarly called Chef Peter recently.

Better yet, says Peter Chef, if the dry ingredients such as wheat flour are sifted first in order to more easily blend with other dry ingredients.

Furthermore, he explains that mixing the whole ingredients without sieving process will make the cake potentially not fully expand when baked.

“If the stirred, as usual, not all the starch gets the baking powder particles so that when baked does not rise all, the height is not flat,” he said.


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