Almond Specialties for Skin Tightening and Cellulite Minim

The skin of the body will decrease its elasticity with age. In addition, exposure to sunlight, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle cause your skin performance to decline over time.

As a result, you also have cellulite complaints, skin feels rough, sagging, and much more. Such conditions can not be denied can affect your confidence.

The solution of a skin condition that is no longer prime is actually routine maintenance using the best product, one of which is Almond Refining Concentrate from L’Occitane.

This Almond Refining Concentrate is enriched with caffeine and formulated with almond protein, almond oil from Provence, France, and almond extract.

The smell of body lotion that is also the attraction of the product that is claimed to reduce the signs of cellulite on the skin.

A fine lotion formula makes it easy to sink in and gives a soft and non-sticky finish.

Apply every morning and evening to the entire body by massaging upwards. Focus on the desired area, for example, thighs, buttocks, and stomach, to help the body contour more firm and tight.

This product is priced at Rp 920.000 and has been available in all L’Occitane outlets in Indonesia.


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