Steamed Or Sauteed, Which Way to Cook Healthier Rice?

Apparently not everyone cooks rice with steamed or boiled as is commonly done in Indonesia. Turkey for example. There the rice is cooked by way of sauteed.

This was revealed by Turkish chef, Sezai Zorlu. He said rice in Turkey sauteed together with butter and olive oil.

“Olive oil is healthy and butter to taste,” said the man who is familiarly called Chef Sezai at his restaurant, Turkuaz, Jakarta recently.

For rice washing process, maybe a little different. If many are washing the rice by stirring until the water becomes white, in Turkey, the rice is washed once but the rice is rubbed with both palms.

“When washed not only remove the dirt but remove the rice starch so that it will not sticky when sauteed,” said the man who has lived 18 years in Indonesia.

Healthy problem or not, he thinks both are the same. It’s just that if sticky rice means rice starch is still attached and more sugar content than Turkish processed rice that is not sticky.

Here (Indonesia) does not use oil, it is healthy but the pistil still exists and contains natural sugar. Although good, if most are not good especially Indonesian people are very fond of eating with a lot of rice, “he said.

The process of sauteing rice is done if the rice is clear. That is, both olive oil and butter have been absorbed by the rice. And remember, you should not stop stirring rice stir because the rice can burn.


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