Savory and Delicious Cheese Lidah Kucing

Many varieties of snacks and pastries that can be served during Idul Fitri. If you have time, you should make your own snack and cake for Lebaran. Making a cake has become a Lebaran tradition in many families.

However, many consider making cookie is complicated, but it is not true. Want to prove it? You can start by trying to make this simple cookie first. One of them is a cheesy and crispy cheese lidah kucing (feline tongue).

Here is the complete recipe that Chef Yun Andriana shared from Anchor Food Professionals recently.

Cheese Lidah Kucing (Feline Tongue)

Materials 1

– 220 grams of butter

– 30 grams Baker’s Mix (mixture of butter and margarine)

– 150 grams of refined sugar

Materials 2

– 4 egg whites

– 180 grams of low protein flour

– 70 grams of powder parmesan cheese

Sprinkle material

– 50 grams processed cheese, grated elongate

How to make

  1. Insert the material 1 into a large bowl and mix with the mixer using medium speed until fluffy. Add egg whites and other remaining ingredients, mix well.
  2. Pour the dough on a baking sheet or the cat’s butter-dipped cookie, then sprinkle the grated cheese.
  3. Bake at 150 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes.

Note: We recommend that you put a baking sheet with an anti-sticky paper (bake well) or silfat so that the cake is not easily burnt and sticky.


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