Outdoor Sports Vs Indoor Sports, Which One is Better?

Exercise certainly provides a lot of benefits for the body. But this one unlimited activity is done outdoors only, can also indoor (indoor). Run, for example, there can be done by circling the park in the housing complex or in the room with a treadmill.

Then, which one is better, indoor or outdoor sports? It will return to each person. And the following comparison of benefits between indoor and outdoor sports such as quoted from Women’s Health, Wednesday (7/6/2017).


  • Intensity Is Better

Exercising indoors does not depend on the weather such as rain, blistering, cloudy. So that someone can routinely exercise without obstruction from nature.

  • Better Results

When exercising regularly this makes a lot of positive changes into the body such as reduced fat and a stronger cardiovascular system.

  • Exercise Motivation Must Be Strong

If exercising outdoors, the scenery is presented differently this makes the exercise is not boring. But not too many things that can motivate to keep running on the treadmill if exercising indoors.


  • Stress Is Reduced

When exercising the body does produce a hormone that makes happy, so that stress is reduced. The study says exercise outside proved to make the anxiety level decrease. The view of trees and green plants can provide calm and get rid of feelings of restlessness.

  • Can Form Customs

Feelings of calm after exercise outdoors that can make the spirit of the exercise. If you are just starting a program, from outdoor sports until this activity becomes a habit. Just after that exercise in space.

  • It’s Raining

Unsupportive weather will be the reason for an absence of exercise. Unlike the case in the uninterrupted indoor weather outside.


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