Be Careful, Do not Eat Potatoes That Have Been Crumpled

Potato is one of the most favored food items. How to process it is quite easy and diverse. Although included in the type of carbohydrates, but the carbohydrate potatoes easily burned by the body and can be a source of energy.

But, although potatoes are healthy, there are times when you have to get rid of the potatoes from your diet. Especially, if the potatoes have shown certain symptoms.

Quoted from the Times of India page, Monday, June 3, 2017, there are some circumstances in which the potato is no longer feasible for consumption. Potatoes can contain neurotoxins called solanine. If this toxin is consumed in large quantities, it could endanger your health.

The following is a mark on the potatoes you should be aware of in order not to get into poisoning.

  • Seen Puckered

Potatoes are usually bought in large quantities and used for long periods of time. However, you should be vigilant, because eating potatoes stored for too long can be toxic to the body.

When the potatoes are left and are not cooked immediately, the potatoes will begin to shrink, wrinkle, and become softening the surface. Especially if during that potato exposed to sunlight. This will accelerate the production of solanine and make potatoes more dangerous to eat.

  • Growing Shoots

Many people are hesitant to throw away or use potatoes that have begun to grow buds. But buds have high concentrations of solanine and chaconine that can harm the nervous system.

Shoots grow faster in organic potatoes and do not get a touch of chemicals. If the potatoes are still hard to grow buds, you can cut the buds and process the potatoes because most of the nutrients in it is still intact. But, if the potato is wrinkled, you should throw it away.

  • Changed Color To Greenish

Greenish potatoes are potatoes that have been exposed to light and hence, the levels of solanine in them become very high. Even so, you do not need to remove all the potatoes because the green parts you can cut and other parts can be processed.


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