4 Ways to Use Honey for Hair and Face Shine

Honey has antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties (anti-inflammatory) that are useful for treating burns and other skin conditions. Scientific research found that honey can combat about 60 species of bacteria, several species of fungi, and viruses.

Quoted from the page Marie Claire, Monday (5/6/2017), here are the benefits of honey for skin and hair. If you are not used to honey, now you can try the benefits.

  1. Heal Burns

If exposed to sunburn, which can cause skin burns, apply honey on the skin. You can also mix it with lotion used. Apply every few hours until the redness on the skin is reduced.

  1. Banish Acne

Honey can work effectively expel acne. The antibacterial properties of the honey act as a medicine. There is also the nature of humectant (moisturizer) so it will not make the skin dry. Apply to skin, then let stand last night.

  1. Strengthen And Overcome Hair Damage

Antioxidants derived from honey, known as propolis can help hair care. Hair becomes strong and overcomes hair damage. Apply honey to hair. Leave it for three minutes before rinsing it.

  1. Use Honey To Clean The Face

You can use honey to clean the face of makeup and dirt on the face. Simply apply a spoonful to your fingertips and use honey to massage the skin. To get maximum results, leave for five minutes before rinsing. Your skin will feel very soft, soft, and clean.


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