This Tips Make Chicken Broth and Fish Tasty Broth from Chef Steby

Not only soup, broth can be used in various preparations so that it tastes more natural tasty. Chef Steby has tips on processing chicken and fish broth.

When fasting is certainly more practical if you have stock broth. This material can be used to process various soup menu that is warm to make it faster. The broth is also suitable for use when making fasting.

Modena Chef, Steby Rafael, shares how to make a delicious broth. One is chicken broth commonly used in processed foods.

“I suggest that if you make a broth from chicken bones, it is not boiling water, mothers usually boil the water just put the bone, it should be from the cold, enter the bone so that the pores of bone or meat remains open,” Obviously chef Steby when found detikFood some time ago.

According to the chef Steby, it makes all the nutrients decompose easily in the broth soup. “So our broth is richer, more nutrient rich and better, if for example from boiling water is directly inserted, the pores are closed, finally not maximal the decomposition,” he added.

Broth can be given additional ingredients. For example onions, garlic, or celery stalks. If using celery leaves, the Steby chef suggests little use. “Because the aroma (celery leaves) is too strong, the smell of chicken broth is gone, so it’s like a vegetable broth,” says chef Steby.

In addition to chicken broth, fish broth can also be stored for stock. Broth can be used as a fish soup. Moreover, fish so can be utilized optimally. “The fish bone can be made with broth, the meat can be for the contents of fish soup or make fried powdered sweet sour fried to break the fast, the head is made of curry, all the pieces,” he said.

Although fish broth is less widely used, chef Steby call this broth is easy to manufacture. Broth uses white fleshy fish such as snapper.

“The fish bone is boiled with ordinary water until it boils, but it does not boil too bubbling so it’s not cloudy, about half an hour,” Steby chef conveyed the way.

Just like chicken broth, fish broth can be given onions, celery sticks, and garlic. If you want aromatics can be included leaves of citrus or lemongrass.

Chef Steby had shared the secrets of using ingredients to make broth like a restaurant. “For broth (chicken and fish) it’s important to use white pepper seeds. This is what makes broth like a restaurant broth. For example, a liter of broth, using pepper about 6-7 grains That’s what makes (taste) rich,” advised chef Steby.


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