A Glass Of Milk A Day Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes And Hypertension

Dairy lovers are at a minimal risk of developing diabetes and hypertension. This is based on research conducted by the National University of Singapore, Singapore. The study found that adults who drank at least one glass a day had a 12 percent lower risk of diabetes.

They also have a 6 percent lower risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure). A similar observation was made of dairy consumers, consisting of 11 dairy foods.

Participants who consumed an average of 252 liters of milk per day had a risk of hypertension and diabetes by 7-11 percent lower.

Researchers also monitor participants over a 10-year period, said Prof. Koh Woon-Puay, written from The Straits Times, Saturday (3/6/2017).

A study published this year also found that Asians are drinking less milk than people from other countries.

For example, Chinese citizens drink about 20 liters of milk per capita by 2013. Meanwhile, Finns consume 125 liters of milk per capita in 2013.

“Asians tend to consume less milk than Westerners because of the different cuisines, but bread, which contains butter is common in many European countries, while our staple food here is average rice,” Koh said.


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