Difficult to Sleep, It’s Simple Tips For Quick Sleep

Many people find it difficult to get quality sleep time because of various activities to be done. In fact, adequate sleep will bring good health effects for the body.

The presence of technological developments or activity that solid, usually makes many people have to delay their sleep until late at night. This ultimately makes them accustomed to sleeping late and difficult to sleep easily.

Reported by the page Medical Daily, one of the doctors who work in Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Center, Dr. James Rowley said, the density of activity makes a person difficult to sleep in his sleep. Quality sleep time for six to eight hours, eventually difficult to achieve. For that, there are some traditional ways of making drowsiness.

  1. Sleeping Outside

Camper or sleep outside the home turned out to give impact to the body to sleep easily. Biologically, the body already has a sleep cycle arrangement when nighttime arrives. By sleeping outside the room, the body will know at nightfall and give sleepiness to the eyes.

  1. Snack Before Bed

This does not mean having to eat a lot before bed. James recommends this type of snack before bedtime. The types of snacks that are recommended are easily digested such as almonds or turkey meat pieces.

  1. Arrange Breathing

Deep breathing was able to trigger body relaxation to give a sense of drowsiness. Set breathing by sleeping on your back, close your eyes, then take a deep breath into the abdomen. Do this for 15 minutes. Make sure you focus on controlling when inhaling and exhaling air slowly.

  1. Consumption Of Cinnamon Banana Tea

Bananas contain lots of potassium and magnesium to provide relaxation. In addition, cinnamon is also able to lower blood sugar levels also gives a sense of comfort in the body.

The cuppa recipe is simple. Simply peel a banana and cut into small pieces and place it in water. Boil for 10 minutes while given the cinnamon powder.


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