Cooking A Dish With Cheese For More Delight

Cheese has become one of the most widely used food ingredients in domestic kitchens and restaurants. It’s a savory cheese that can be mixed into almost any type of cuisine.

Although cheese is an ingredient that is easy to process but needs the right way of processing to taste the cheese tasted more delicious. According to the popular food blogger Just Try and Taste blog owner, Endang Indriani, when cooking using cheese, you should know first the types of cheese on the market.

“For example, cheddar cheese that has a harder texture, there is a mozzarella that quickly melts, so, first know what we want to cook and what cheese should be used,” said the blogger who has created thousands of these recipes.

If you want to make a dish with a cheese topping that feels crunchy when eaten like bread or kastengel, means that cheese is used cheddar type. In addition, cheddar can also be used as a sauce by mixing it with milk and then cooked.

For this type of mozzarella, can be used for pizza topping or lasagna layer or food that when pulled will look stretchy cheese. Or, can also be used as stuffing croquettes and steamed yams, then made a sphere with cheese stuffing.

“Cheese should not be cooked in high temperature If you want to make a sauce you should cook milk first and then add cheese, because the cheese is an emulsion from milk and solids, if cooked high temperature, it will separate and can become hard,” said Endang.

So even when making pizza or lasagna, you should sprinkle cheese when cooking will be cooked. Remove the dishes from the oven and sprinkle the cheese, cook shortly, freshly picked.


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