When Shoes Should Be Replaced?

Shoes have their own lifespan. Although the shoe is not listed as an expired date on the food, not wrong if you see the condition of your shoes to make sure he is still eligible to wear. However, when is the right time to replace running shoes?

When you ask a big company, then you will be given mileage estimation. One of the world’s running shoe companies, Brooks, for example, suggests that you change shoes when used for running around 250 to 500 miles or about 400 kilometers – 800 kilometers.

However, there is no supporting evidence that you should replace running shoes in accordance with the shoe manufacturer’s instructions. Professional trainers and runners, Kyle Kranz, claimed to not follow the rules of the shoe company to replace running shoes based on mileage.

“My rule is easier to follow and much more economical: If your shoes are peeling off or some part is off or your feet are touching the bottom soles, it’s time to buy a new pair of shoes,” said Kranz who usually suffered shoe damage after traveling between 800 and 1,500 Mile (1,300 to 2,400 km)

Therefore, the age of shoes is dependent on the runner itself. Professional running coach, Debbie Woodruff, says people who have bigger weight are usually quicker to change shoes because their weight makes the foam lining on the inside of thinning shoes quickly.

A study in 2011 published by Footwear Science found that good quality shoes will still have padded pads and stability even though they have been used for more than 1,000 kilometers. This means that the life of a good shoe should be higher than 1,000 kilometers of use.

You also do not have to worry about old shoes that are considered to be making you injured, because there is no strong evidence for the statement. A 2003 article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine cites the correlation between shoe-age and injury while running but does not show any obvious cause, as it does not include previous injury factors and respondents’ running experience.

Of course, the statement does not mean you only need to buy a pair of shoes for a lifetime. You should change shoes when your shoes start to wear uncomfortable. Kinesiology researcher from the University of Calgary mentioned in a research in 2015 that runner’s “comfort filters” are the best way to choose shoes that support running routes and reduce the chance of injury.

So then you think about how far you’ve traveled, or how old a shoe is, you better take the time every time you wear shoes to ask yourself, “Does it still feel comfortable?”

If the answer is no, or you’re not sure, it may be time to go to a sports store to buy a new pair of shoes.


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