This Is The Right Way to Keep Cheese So It Does not Change Taste

Where would you keep the remaining pieces of cheese you have used to supplement food or drink? Refrigerator, jar or just wrapped with plastic?

Apparently, misplaced cheese that has been opened from the packaging will cause the cheese to change the taste, becomes harder than before, even the cheese can be moldy.

Senior Brand Manager of Mondelez Indonesia Meals, Putri Happy shares tips to keep used cheese pieces on the same flavor and texture when used in the future.

First, wrap it back with the aluminum foil wrapper. If you already throw away the aluminum foil into a packing cheese wrapper, you can replace it with bread paper or baking paper.

Second, do not place the cheese in the refrigerator, because in addition to hardening, the cheese will have a taste that does not match the taste of cheese in general. “Cheese is basically there is good bacteria that live in it, therefore cheese requires good air circulation,” said Princess while filling the event of Kraft Cheese Creation in Jakarta, Tuesday (05/30/2017).

Third, it is advisable to buy cheese in accordance with the need to avoid expiration limits that are not feasible for consumption. “Cheese a lot of different sizes yes, tailored to the needs,” he explained.

Fourth, if you want to re-consume cheese that has been used before, it is advisable to first remove the cut off before.


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